CSA Naval Jack and Army of Tennessee Stick Flag, Poly, 12″x18″


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A rectangular variant of the square Confederate Army battle flag was used by a few Army units, such as the Army of Tennessee, after January 1864, and the Confederate Navy. Despite never having historically represented the C.S.A. as a nation nor officially recognized as one of the national flags, it is commonly referred to as “the Confederate Flag” and has become a widely recognized symbol of the South. It is also known as the Rebel Flag, Dixie Flag, and Southern Cross.

The self-declared Confederate enclave of Town Line, New York, lacking a genuine Confederate flag, flew a version of this flag from late-1861 (the town voted 80-40 to secede) prior to its January 24, 1946 vote (90-23) to rejoin the Union.

Polyester. Approximately 12″ by 18″

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