General Officer’s Sword Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA


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Appropriate for all General Officer impressions, the belt was covered by the 1861 Uniform Regulations:

1509.  For all Officers-a waist-belt not less than one and one-half inch nor more than two inches wide to be worn over the sash; the sword to be suspended from it by slings of the same material as the belt, with a hook attached to the belt upon which the sword may be hung.

1510. For General Officers-Russia leather, with three stripes of gold embroidery on both sides.

Our belts are made to the above regulations but also offer the option of a Sam Brown strap, looped over the right shoulder to help offset the weight of the sword. Sword belts were offered with this option during the 1860s.

Please specify your option for the desired size in the drop down menu below. Please order the buckle you would like separately and we will install it for you. Made from 3/4oz. Hermann Oak Leather. ***Please ensure that you use the measurement at your belly button, and not the size of modern trousers, as the belt is made to sit at your midsection. Made in Gettysburg, PA by our Master Leathersmith.

This item is made to order and may take 7-8 weeks to get in!

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Weight 20 oz
Belt Size

28-32, 30-34, 32-36, 34-38, 36-40, 38-42, 40-44, 42-46, 44-48, 46-50, 48-52, 50-54, 52-56, 54-58, 56-60, 58-62, 60-64


No Swivels, U.S. Swivels, C.S.Snaps


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