Leather Baldric, Made in Gettysburg PA


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Harking back to an earlier age, the Baldric represented a piece of equipment that was approaching its demise by the American Civil War. Designed for the NCO to hold both his sword and his bayonet, the Baldric was made of heavy leather fastened at the breast by a circular shoulder belt eagle plate with three attachment hooks on the reverse. The hip end was fashioned with a loop for holding the sword scabbard and another for the bayonet scabbard frog to inset and attach. Federal Baldric Plate NOT included! Available in Bridle (Smooth Out) or Rough Out Leather. Made by our Master Leathersmith in Gettysburg, PA.

NCO Baldric – The NCO double loop baldric was designed to attach the bayonet and M1840 NCO sword.

Musician’s Baldric – NCO single loop baldric for NCO or Musician sword.

This item is made to order and may take 2-3 weeks to get in!

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Weight 2 oz
Baldric Style

Musicians Single Loop, NCO Double Loop


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