M1857 Batty Peace Flask, Manufactured in Springfield, Mass 1860


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A beautiful, and rare, M1857 Batty Peace Flask in very good and usuable condition! The body has the correct features for the 1857 contract including the rounded strap rings and eagle with head turned to the right. The body has good seams, no splits, with some dents towards the bottom. Traces of nickel finish here and there but overall, it’s worn away from the brass which has now turned to a very pleasing patina. The original spout and spout spring are intact and working. This flask is marked on the top of the spout base “BATTY”. The date “1860” is stamped on the spout base 180 degrees from or straight across from “BATTY”. Stamped under “BATTY” on the outer rim is ” SPRINGFIELD MASS.”

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