M1868 Springfield Dated 1869 #18520 Mint Bore


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M1868 Springfield Dated 1869 #12056 Mint Bore 

This rifle has an amazing mint bore with matching serial numbers on barrel & receiver. Receiver and breech block have 90% plus original blackening. The breech block has Deep stamping with a spring loaded firing pin. Extractor and action work perfect. Lock is dated 1863 with deep marking and the action is crisp and strong. Stock has 4 cartouches that are correct for this model. This will make a wonderful shooter and is in great collecting condition.

Model 1868 was one of several model “trapdoor Springfields”, which used the trapdoor breechblock design developed by Erskine S. Allin.

Originally, the trapdoor Springfields were created to convert Model 1863 Springfield rifled muskets to breech-loading rifles at a relatively low cost. This conversion consisted of replacing the percussion lock with the breech-loading trapdoor mechanism, and relining the barrels to convert them from .58 to .50 caliber. This proved problematic, because in the field, the lining tended to separate from the barrel.

To correct this problem, the Model 1868 used a new barrel instead of relining the original older barrel. The new barrel was slightly shorter, 32.5 inches, compared to the 36.5-inch barrel used on the Model 1866. The shorter barrel was affixed using only two barrel bands, instead of the three used on the Model 1866.

These short lived by the US Government firearms are getting harder to find in good/great condition so do not miss out!


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