Model 1859 Low “Infantry” Boots by Fugawee



These fine boots are made to Fugawees specifications by one of the few bootmakers in the world that still produces antique molded front piece.
Fugawee sent the master boot maker an actual, unworn original model 1859 Ankle Boot made in 1865. In that year it was placed on a mannequin of the Drummer Boy of Shiloh and so was preserved in a museum exhibit until 1968. The master boot maker copied it exactly.
The leather in the Fugawee boots is a semi-rough cowhide especially selected by the master boot maker after studying our original boot. The finish will take a shine after a few polishings or it will take Lexol for a “field-worn” look. The boot is lined with calfskin from top to toe. It has a sewn sole with a roundish shank pegged into place, the only place where pegs are used. This boot has a comfortable square toe, a tight-gripping heel and bedroom slipper comfort.
This boot covers an amazing time period. It is ideal for many impressions from just after 1800 through 1900 and beyond. It is suitable for reunions of the Grand Army of the Republic, the 1800s miner, teamster, cattleman, farmer, Indian Wars, Cowboy Shootist, etc.

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Heel Plates

Heel Plates, No Heel Plates


8, 8-1/2, 9, 9-1/2, 10, 10-1/2, 11, 11-1/2, 12, 12-1/2


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