Nevr Dull Metal Wadding Polish, 5 oz.



Nevr Dull Metal Wadding Polish, 5 oz.

This incredible wadding polishes using only solvents, no abrasives – which makes it extra gentle and perfect for all metals. Use Nevr Dull on all metals; brass, copper, steel, pewter, chrome – even silver and gold! This is a “best value” product by any standard for its performance and affordability. Not to mention its ease of use. Using wadding is less messy than traditional polish, and you can adjust the amount of wadding you use to tailor fit your specific polishing job. Simply tear off a piece of the wadding – whatever size you need – a little goes a long way. Rub the wadding directly onto the metal and then use a clean, lint free cloth to wipe away the residue. It will remove rust, tar, and contaminants – all without scratching even delicate metal surfaces. Polish all your metals with Nevr-Dull – on your musket, brass accoutrements, even your bayonets!

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