Original .44cal Pistol Cartridge Box


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Prior to the American Civil War the U.S. Army introduced a new pistol cartridge box. This was worn by officers or enlisted men armed with pistols. Unlike their infantry counter parts cavalry troopers carried two cartridge boxes. One was for carbine and the other for the pistol ammunition. An additional issue for the mounted soldier was how to wear the box so as not to be in the way while seated on a horse. Therefore, the box was generally worn in the back, but moved around to the front while in use.

This is an original Civil War .44 Cal. Pistol Cartridge Box, reinforced with rivets. Still in great condition, most of the black leather dye remains but exterior shell of the leather demonstrates significant crazing. Rectangular inspector mark located on the front flap. Front flap measures approximately 6-1/8″ x 4-1/8″.

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