Original Civil War Austrian Lorenz Rifle .54 Caliber 1862 production


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This Civil War era military long arm, called the Austrian Muster 1854 “Lorenz” Rifle-Musket, was a favorite European long arm of both the North and the South. During the war, 226,924 such arms were imported to the Union while 100,000 muskets went to the Confederacy. Developed by the Austrian army to replace their older infantry muskets, the accepted design in 1854 utilized an advanced percussion ignition system by Josef Lorenz, a Viennese gunsmith.
This example is most likely one of the 100,000 imported by the Confederacy as the barrel is .54 caliber. This example appears to be the medium range rifle because it has the long range sight and more twist than the standard rifling. The rifle is very attractive with a deep 862 (Austrian 1862) and Austrian eagle on the lock. The lock has strong mechanics and functions flawlessly.
The single-shot, single trigger, nine-pound muzzle loader measures 52½” long overall. It is fitted with a 37½” rifled barrel with great deep rifling in the bore (which would require a nice cleaning to remove surface dirt and dust). Barrel is octagonal for 6” at breech and blends to round. Bolster area is very good with some light pitting and the original nipple. Gun Metal displays a pleasing aged gray patina. Original swivels are present and move freely. All bands, butt plate trigger guard and side plate are stamped with a “9” and a small indiscernible stamp which verifies they are all original to the gun.
Stock has has a cheek rest and is in excellent condition with great wood to metal fit and has no age cracks. It only one small chip of wood missing behind the tang. The original rear folding leaf sight has two windows graduated to 900 paces. Front sight has the long oval base mounted diagonally on barrel to match the angled slot on the bayonet socket. All screws original in very good condition with none buggered.
This rifle will be a wonderful addition to any Civil War collection and if desired has the potential to be use for reacting or shooting.



The Austrian M1854 rifle was the second most imported longarm to America from 1861 to 1865.


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