Civil War U.S. 1862 Hewes & Phillips M1816 Conversion Bayonet


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This is an original Civil War socket bayonet produced from 1861-1862 and issued to fit the US Percussion Model 1816 conversion muskets by Hewes & Phillips, Remington and also for use as a replacement bayonet for other 1816 muskets. The blade is the standard Civil War 1855 style, longer and thinner than the original 1816 pattern bayonet blades, but the bayonet preserves the 1816 style socket with tits characteristic t-shape mortice.

Blade surfaces exhibit Smooth attractive mix of gray steel and brown patina. Flat of shank is marked with “U.S.”  This bayonet is in untouched condition and would be a great addition to any Civil War collection.

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