Provost Badge, Made in U.S.A.


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Our reproduction badges are made of high-quality solid brass with an 8-pointed star denoting Provost or Provost Guard. During the Civil War, the position of ‘Provost Marshal’ was established by the War Department on March 3, 1863. A Provost-Marshal was an officer charged with the maintaining of order and other police functions within a command. Their duties, which were enforced by Provost Guards, included the prevention of soldier pillaging, plundering, straggling, and gambling, as well as supervising hotels, saloons and places of amusement. Provost-Marshals also made searches, seizures and arrests, and they held custody of enemy deserters and prisoners of war. They issued passes to citizens and heard citizen complaints. The Provost-Marshal-General in Washington supervised the draft. Badge has a pin backing and is approximately 1-7/8″ wide. Made of solid brass.

Made by Parsely Brass here in the U.S.A.

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Provost, Provost Guard


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