The Papers Of Dwight David Eisenhower The War Years Set, 1st Edition 2nd Printing


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The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower, The War Years, Five Volume Set, 1970 First Edition, 2nd Printing 1971 (Used but in Great Condition)

This five volume set begins the publication of the papers of Dwight David Eisenhower, and contains his letters, memos, cables, etc. that he personally wrote or dictated or had a major part in preparing, concentrating on major matters that were part of his role as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, eliminating routine items not important to the history and items prepared by others and issued in his name. They also do not include personal letters to his wife. — Contents: Vol 1: The Operations Division: 12/41 to 6/42 – From London to Gibraltar: 6/42 to 11/42 — Vol 2: Lighting the Torch: 11/42 to 12/42 – The Tunisian Campaign: 12/42 to 6/43 – Husky and “the local political mess” 6/43 to 7/43 – Italy: 7/43 to 12/43 — Vol 3: Italy, con’t to 12/43 – Planning Overlord: 12/43 to 6/44 – Overlord: 12/44 to 8/44 — Volume 4: Overlord, con’t to 8/44 – The German Recovery 9/44 to 1/45 – Victory: 1/45 to 5/45 — Vol 5: supplementary Materials: Bibliography: Essay on Primary Sources – Bibliography: Secondary Sources Cited – Eisenhower as Commander: Single Thrust Versus Broad Front – Maps – Glossary – Chronology – Indexes. — The first 4 volumes, containing the papers, total 2,696 pages and 5th volume of supplementary materials has 414 pages, for a total of 3,110 pages.

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