US Pattern 1862 (Bullseye), Philadelphia Depot Canteen, Tin (Complete)

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Tin, beeswax lined canteen made by our Tinsmith, Axel Ulrich of Pennsylvania. This model features a tin body with a series of concentric rings and a pewter spout, contracted for manufacture by the Philadelphia Depot in July 1862. No other Depot is believed to have switched over to the ‘bullseye’ pattern during the war.
Use the drop down menus to build the exact canteen you would like. Select the type and color of cover, strap type, and cork type or just select none for all and you will just get the tin canteen to attach your own cover on.

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Canteen Cover

Brown 'Drab' Jean Wool by B&B Tart, Natural Light Grey Jean Wool by B&B Tart, Dark Blue Wool, Light Blue Wool, Medium Grey Wool, No Cover

Canteen Strap

Sewn Canvas (New York, Cincinatti and others), Cotton Strap (C.S., Philadelphia), No Strap

Canteen Stopper

No Stopper, Cork & Chain, Cork & Twine

1 review for US Pattern 1862 (Bullseye), Philadelphia Depot Canteen, Tin (Complete)

  1. Mickey HOLDING

    I love anything by Axel Ulrich. His canteens, cups, muckets etc are far above anyone else’s products. Don’t buy cheap, buy quality. You will save money in the long run plus get an authentic experience to.

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