US or CS Leather Package




Regimental is happy to offer a basic leather package for either Union or Confederate Reenactors and Living Historians. This package comes with 1- Enlisted waist belt with your choice of US or CS belt plate, 1 – Cartridge box with your choice of US, CS, or no box plate, 1 – Cartridge box Sling with you choice of breast plate or plain and 1 – Cap Pouch. This package is great for getting started or replacing your worn out leather items.

Additional information

Wasit Belt Size

28-32, 30-34, 32-36, 34-38, 36-40, 38-42, 40-44, 42-46, 44-48, 46-50, 48-52, 50-54, 52-56, 54-58, 56-60, 58-62, 60-64

Cartridge Box Plate

US, CS, None

Waist Belt Plate

US, CS, None


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